About The Peoples Photographic Society

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The Peoples Photographic Society is a new and exciting initiative in the field of clubs and societies. Founded in September 2013, it has an established website at www.photosociety.net with a presence in both facebook and linked-in (World Image Magazine).

We also have a blog page at:


Facebook contains an open page at http://www.facebook.com/1worldimage , there is also a closed discussion group at http://www.facebook.com/groups/Peoplesphotosociety/ these are monitored pages.

Within its website the society has a hub, which allows members to promote their photography or related business. It also contains the competitions page and the Society magazine – World Image.

The society is open to anyone who enjoys photography regardless of their level of achievement. It is open to professionals and beginners and all in between, the only request is that professionals are willing to teach and all are willing to learn.

Membership/registration of/with the society is free, as is participation in its events.

Please note that although all images shown on the blog are copyright to the photographer, they are not protected from copying in the blogsite.


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