Multi Layering

Oscar and the Snow Leopard

Oscar and the Snow Leopard

Oscar and the Snow Leopard

This is one of my early special images, it is constructed from four layers comprising the background, the shield, the snow leopard and Oscar. Both of these cats are with the Cat Survival trust in Welwyn.

The background was an image from the space telescope via the internet, (permission was requested to use it),  but it was changed in a number of ways, mainly by saturating the colours and by adding and removing some of the stars.

The shield was the road outside my home taken at sunrise. The colour of this was also saturated for effect. The rotation and transform tools were used to change the orientation of the road and all the verges were removed.

The next layer was the Snow Leopard. The cat is in a cage but was carefully photographed to avoid the shadows of the wires appearing on the fur, then the background cage was removed.

Finally, and to add an extra fun element to the picture, I added Oscar. He was taken during his mad half hour so it was only natural that he should find himself in this position and hence the title.

I mentioned that this was one of my first attempts at layering, now when I look back at the picture I can see those errors I currently try to avoid. but it is only from trying that you begin to learn.

The trick is to have patience, work large, if possible tell a story within the picture, but most important of all is to create a picture you would be proud to hang on your wall for the next two years.

Not all subjects or pictures benefit from manipulation of this sort. But here, by combining four mundane images I have created a picture which has sold in many parts of the world.



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