Why Shoot Raw

Why use Raw ?
Ok Like me When i first started out in photography, Understanding light, How it made an image on film and paper.
then it was Chemistry.
To day its electronic.
PHOTOGRAPHERS! You still need to know the foundation of what make an image.

When I first broke into digital. I came across all sorts of problems, I also made regret not studying digital before going out and buying my first digital.

I though it took the same as a film camera. Only to find, So many crazy things,
like sensor size. Pixel, noise. Bad Noise on long exposure or High ISO.

Then lens Quality. . I used to be a Medium format user. I wish I Kept on that road, until I was ready for Serious DSLR!

Do you know the advantage of shooting RAW? Other then using J peg.
Do you know how much disadvantage and deep trouble you can get into. By not shooting in Raw.?

At first, I learned the hard way. Thinking Raw takes up to much space.
I deleted raw files and kept J pegs. Bigger fool. As Those files to day, As Processing programs get better. The boundaries that can be achieved, With a raw image, are almost un limitless.

OK ! basics of using raw, firstly Raw records so much , that you do not see. When taking the photograph.
It records so much more light and dark areas, That a J peg file does not.
A jpeg file records what you see, and what the camera processes at the time. And that’s it! Exposure is set. Your contrast yields set high lights and set dark shadows, that you have NO ! control off on digital editing /processing software.

Sharping too. With J peg, Your camera has already done the work. The only step beyond that, Is over sharpening, Or dynamic contrast or an HDR look that so many seem to be using to day.

When it come to selling that photograph, And printing it, they get asked for the raw file. Or a Tiff file, And the file if not raw, lands up to small. They cannot entre it into competitions, as it less then a megabyte.

Sound familiar?

With out going into to much depth. That the basic facts, Of using Raw, if you want to do photography, creatively and produce HD HQ images that the industry demands , with detail in shadows and highlights , that give rich blacks and whites, Not just in monochrome , In colour too. USE RAW! Don’t skimp on the cost of good SD cards, By the highest, and arm your self with as many as may be needed. I use 32 GB , back up 3 x 16 GB plus others from the past.
I did the most stupid thing buying a high end body. Thinking I would get better images, NO!
Invest in your cards and lenses. Its like buying an expensive sports car and replacing with cheap tyres, it will never perform the same.
Like some Buy a 1DX and shoot J peg using low end other make lenses, CRAZY.

Gary Bridger


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