Get Into Photography

I suspect that by now those of you who have followed me, in Linked In or Facebook, over the years realise that I do tend to wear my heart on my sleeve. Since I have created the Society and started the Magazine, I have tried not to let my personal views colour my input to those areas.

There are a few areas that I try hard to remain away from, religion, politics and football being the main ones. But on occasion statements made demand a response. I really do not care what race, religion you may be, or what team you support. We should all be supporting the one team that really matters, planet Earth. That is the speck of dust on which we live, without it we all die.

When we learn to accept that each person has the right to their own beliefs just as everyone else has, then we may have a future. When we learn that without the natural world we have no future, we may even survive.

Even now, in the 21st century we have lost so many wonders. soon it will be to late to change the future, it will be predetermined by the course we have set as a society. The only way to change this is for Society to change, not the politicians, but the people who form our society. Not the extremist or fanatic, but the people who form our society … YOU

If however we ignore all this and insist on destroying and killing everything around us, there is only one thing that future generations will have to look forward to, the photographs and videos that we take of what we have and enjoy right now. They can then at least look at them and say our parents destroyed all this, and left us a speck of dust to die upon.

So you should all really get into photography, share what we have today so that others may see what they have lost tomorrow.


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