You are a dedicated professional photographer? Of course you are.

As a dedicated professional photographer your livelihood depends on a number of aspects. Your ability with the camera and the quality of your post production work being of paramount importance. No one would dispute this, but in achieving those standards are you actually loosing out?

London0032TNFor example, how many wedding photographers have a check list of pictures that they must take? It is no matter if that list is on paper or in your head, the simple fact is that the vast majority of wedding photographers have that list somewhere.

This problem is not restricted to weddings, but applies to almost every form of specialised photography. The danger is that the more expert you become, the more regimented and narrow your focus becomes.

In wedding photography the albums you produce start to look the same as your own personality is slowly replaced by the standard format of the wedding groups. today there are many styles of album to put your prints into, but the pages are all standard templates, the pictures are standard wedding views, the vignette frames are all standard downloads from the web.

As a professional photographer who has specialised you may have turned away from general photography. In doing so you may also have turned away from the very aspect of your profession that gave your work a unique personality, YOURS.

Playing with general photography and getting involved with groups and competitions is what keeps the photographers mind open and receptive to new ideas.


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