World Image – The Magazine

a portfolio0099TNI wonder how many of the many hundreds of those viewing the magazine realise that everything that is included in the pages is submitted by dedicated members of the peoples Photographic Society and supporting companies (those that actually keep their word). These folks are not in it for the money, or for that matter the kudos. They submit articles and pictures because they want to see the Society and the Magazine survive and grow.

Where else can you find a good quality photography magazine that incorporates both professional and non professional articles and pictures that is free for anyone to enjoy both as a reader and a photographic feature writer?  Perhaps you are in a photographic business, perhaps not. But what if our readers are your customers or potential customers, and you are not involved, after all, how can a globally accessible be of any use to your local business?

Interestingly, since the magazine was launched, I have received invites to do work in seven countries, and have even been pulled back into wedding photography locally.

In case you have not been reading the blogs, we have now launched the Travel Guide, it is in its infancy but the format is novel, it will no doubt be imitated, but we are the first and currently the best. The businesses listed are trusted operators, not global shareholder companies. This means you will get the personal service not just a tour company rep.

Feel free to ignore the magazine and the society of photographers and safari operators behind it. You do not need it ….. do you? In case you feel like getting involved or even just showing your support by reading the magazine and telling your friends about it, the magazine is published every month on or about the 25th (The January issue will be published on the 20th December).


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