We are more than you believe.

Snow Leopard shirt bThe PPS is much more than the facebook group. Here we can share pictures and ideas and experienced photographers provide positive comment to encourage the beginners. But the Society is more than this.

We use Linked-in, twitter and Google to make announcements, we have over 200 members following world Image in Linked-in.

The Society has its own website at – – where you can find the on-line magazine – World Image – which reaches a much wider audience. The magazine is there for your benefit, to read or submit to.

We have recently created a Travel Guide on the website. This is still under development, but if you are planning a safari or trekking holiday,  you might like to support your fellow members and book through them. You will not be disappointed.

I once said that this Society will develop and grow, and that members should join for the long term to get the most from the Society, For my part, I have kept my word as best I can.

Its sustainability and future success will depend on others. Contributing to the group regularly, visiting the website as often as it takes to read the magazine and see what else is happening, supporting the competitions.

The options for the Society are only limited by the involvement of the members and my meagre abilities.


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