Scary do you not think? or do you think it’s scary?

2008 12 21 015We live in a time of mistrust and apathy. We mistrust every one and every thing, even things we do for ourselves. I am guilty, especially when I do things to promote or benefit others.

Sometimes I dress up in period costume and walk through the local streets just to see sad people smile. It costs nothing to play the fool, and even less to have a laugh and bring a smile to folks faces.

There are occasions when I chose to go a step further and provide the facility for others to benefit from my efforts. I have accomplished many things from bringing together members of families who have lost touch, some times for generations, to giving artists the opportunity to show their works in public.

I suppose I am an enabler, I bring together individuals whom together could work better. The sum of the parts is greater than the whole.

I have never, to my knowledge, done wrong by anyone. Not a bad record for 60 years. I have always been honest and loyal, both have on occasion been used to my detriment by others, but still people wonder what my motives might be. They find it impossible to realise that there is one person in this world who asks for nothing from anyone except loyal and honest friendship.

Merry Christmas (if you celebrate it, happy holidays if you do not). and have a happy and rewarding new year.



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