Society Exhibition June 2015 – Update

Snow Leopard shirt bThe Peoples Photographic Society and the World Image Magazine are internet orientated and based in Welwyn in the UK.

To continue the development of the PPS, we are to stage an International Exhibition and sale of Photography at the Welwyn Civic Centre on the 20th and 21st of June 2015.

The exhibition is supporting the village during opening weekend of its local festival, and will bring together some of the best photography the Society has to offer from the many countries of the world with which the Society and Magazine are associated through its members. Although this is not the first exhibition event staged at this venue, as a local Historian / photographer I have staged many others, it will be the first of its kind ever seen in Welwyn.

Although I am unable as yet to confirm that all the funding will be available to the Society, we can confirm that application has been made for grant funding to cover the costs associated with the event. It had been intended to ask those who had pictures accepted into the exhibition, to pay for those images to be printed and mounted. This option, while acceptable to some, proved unviable to others due to personal financial restraints.

If the funding previously mentioned becomes available, that will pay for the printing and mounting of the pictures. I can advise that the initial costs for the printing / mounting will be covered. The trade off will be that the print / mount sizes will be decided to fit with the size and layout of the exhibition. Funding in this manner will also open the possibility that the exhibition will be staged in other venues, although that is by no means certain.

I understand that the rules regarding funding specify that the exhibition is non-profit making, so the event will be in two separate parts. The funded exhibition will take place in the main hall and will remain non profit. The main hall will also have the studio settings and similar presentations.

The second hall will have the refreshments and sales tables where prints and other items will be available for purchase, and where people can order copies of the exhibition prints. This hall and the intervening corridor will also house the posters for those wishing to promote their businesses.

If we are requested to display the exhibition at other venues, I will attend those venues and we will accept print orders at those also.

Funding permitting, we intend to generate a exhibition guide for the event. This will contain the exhibition list, adverts, and society details. This will be created in such a way as to be available for any venues at which we may be requested to display the exhibition thereafter.

Those wishing to add copies of their pictures to the sales table will be required to pay for the printing and mounting in advance.

All pictures will be sold a fixed mark-up on cost plus the photographers premium. 10% of the sale price will go to the Society with the remainder being returned to the photographer.

The Exhibition:

The main exhibition will comprise mounted and bordered pictures from the 50 countries where the Society is represented and from those countries visited by members.

The exhibits will be displayed by country, and will be labelled by title, country taken, photographer, country based.

Visitors to the exhibition will be invited to vote for their favourite ‘top three’ pictures during the event. Winning pictures being those with the most votes will be awarded Society Certificates and any other sponsored prizes we may encounter.

We will also be showing member videos and the past competition video slideshows. These high definition presentations will be run through out the weekend. There will be a portrait studio set up in the main hall and we hope to have some volunteer models and other subjects available for visitors to practice their photographic techniques upon. (If all else fails we will volunteer Roger Lee who has experience of such matters).  We hope to have someone on hand to offer guidance if necessary.

A number of the Societies members operate trekking and safari tours in various countries, including Nepal (Himalayas), Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa and Kenya. Others do guided tours of the mountain ranges. At the exhibition those who are interested can get information on these aspects of the Society.

I am pleased to say that the Cat Survival Trust will be joining us at the event so visitors will have the opportunity to get to know them and their aims. They will also be able to take up membership of the trust during the weekend.

To keep the younger visitors and their mums happy, we will have Teds Tombola. Why Teds? Well seeing is believing.

There are more features in the process of planning, including guest speakers, all of which will enhance the event and make it a great day out. Refreshments (the most important bit) will be available in the hall, with tea, coffee and cake. Admission is free, although donations to support the Society will always be welcomed.

Opening times:
Saturday 20th June from 9.30am to 5pm
Sunday 21st June from 9.30am to 4pm
Refreshment stand will close one hour before these times.


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