Good Things Are Never Easy.

Never a truer word has been spoken. Certainly not in the context of generating interest and involvement for a project that is not our own. It is understandable, we all think that someone else will provide what is needed, trouble is that the same thought is also in the minds of that someone else. I believe that the comment is: Everybody thought that Somebody would do it, so Nobody did it.

So back to the Exhibition and its planning. We have images from 15 members covering 41 countries at last count. from a potential of over 800 members in 50 countries. We are wondering if this is because people either do not actually take pictures or just believe that their pictures are not good enough to add to the mix for the selection process. Well, if you do not submit the pictures you will never know. Why live in the ‘What If’ world? The youngest member who has submitted is 15, the oldest is 83.

The selection process to find the best of those submitted has already started. I can understand why photographers have a problem in selecting their 20 best pictures for the portfolio. From the pictures submitted we must reduce the quantity to less than ten for each country. Even with this drastic reduction, the exhibition will display between 400 and 600 pictures, and we expect it will be enlarged it further.

2008 12 21 006We are aware that almost everyone wants to help in this event, we also know that you are not all photographers. But we do know you have an interest in photography, the Society and its Magazine, or you would not be reading this blog.

So is there anything you can do to help with the exhibition or the Society in general? Probably.

What help do we need from you? Advertising in the magazine is cheap and cost effective, Links from your website to ours are free and help promote the Society and the magazine. Sponsorship for the events and the competition prizes, helps us and promotes your business. With all of these, as we grow so does your business exposure.

There are things we need for the Exhibition: Help in covering the cost of printing and mounting of the pictures (if our other funding requests fail), Display boards (we can always use more), advertising, printing of the catalogue / guide (advertising included), Professional support (from those in the area) to run the studio’s and offer guidance. Sponsor donated prizes for the best in show. The one other thing that we would like, other free and secure venues to display the exhibition.

We also would like those in Linked-in and Facebook, both in the Society and World Image groups, and followers through Google and Twitter, to get involved and to submit their pictures for the selection process. They can be of any subject (no adult content), from any country. This includes where you live and visited.

The next magazine has more details on the event and will be out in 10 days. If I do not chat before then, Happy Holidays.


2 thoughts on “Good Things Are Never Easy.

  1. The members are spread over 51 countries with India and the USA taking the lead. The UK is third overall. In the UK, most of the current members are located in the area of the north, Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Cheshire, west Midlands. This venue is close to my location for two reasons: first it is being supplied free as a part of the local festival, second is that from past experience I will be doing most of the work to make this happen. Once the exhibition is complete, it can be exhibited in other locations if we can get free usage of them and the display stands (and accommodation for me as i would tour with it).

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