Saving the World

I read many posts on Linked in, and Facebook on the subject of Saving the World, but what I find astounding is the number of posts there are that constantly complain, whine, or otherwise moan about the state and condition of everything and everyone.

a Portfolio0025TNWhy am I astounded? Well, for a start lets look an one example that most of the people in here moan about, ecology and the destruction of wildlife and the environment.

Every self respecting person knows it has to be done, but a large percentage of those people truly believe that someone else will do it.

The approach to this particular problem is individualistic and fragmented. There are societies for the protection of almost everything that lives and breathes, the problem is that everyone wants to lead the fight, but nobody wants to work together as a single unit.

Of all the money that is put into organisations how much is used for administration? there may be 100 groups trying to save the tiger, that equals 100 x administration costs, 100 x the number of people pulling in 100 different directions with 100 leaders all wanting the kudos for leading.

Am I the only person who remembers the statement “The sum is greater than the individual parts” ? no, I doubt it, but that is what I constantly see in our world, lots of individuals who want to change things, but no one is willing to work together to achieve change.

There is a seasonal song that ends “The Christmas we get, we deserve” , based on the above perhaps it should read, “the world we destroy we deserve”.


One thought on “Saving the World

  1. louise seager says:

    Interesting. problem is that many people are far more concerned about IMAGE than about the environment or anything else that REALLY matters.

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