Exhibition Assistance.

IMGP9163aaThe World Image Magazine is the public face of the internet based Peoples Photographic Society. The Society was founded in September 2013 to provide a free global platform for photographers at all levels and ages.

To date we have members in 61 countries with associations in a further 20, and have had over 9000 visitors to our website and our magazine. Our youngest member is 16 and our oldest is in their 80’s, and range from beginners to highly experienced professionals.

As a Society, we are expanding and have been offered the venue to stage an International Photographic Exhibition in the UK, this will be the first such exhibition presented by the Society, but more importantly, it will be the first exhibition of its type ever seen in Welwyn, and will present some of the most astounding photography.

As the Society and the exhibition is free we have little by way of funds and so we need to find some form of sponsorship or donation to enable the pictures to be properly presented, and so we turn to you for assistance.

The most obvious form of help is sponsorship by way of donations. There will be an exhibition guide in which space is available for advertising. These adverts will also be included in the June issue of the Societies online magazine World Image.

The exhibition guide will be the same format as this leaflet but A4 in size, and we are accepting 1/4, 1/2 or full page adverts

This event will be widely promoted through press and radio in the three counties area, London and beyond so its potential is for a much larger number of visitors.

 Gordon Longmead, Chairman



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