The World Image Magazine in 2015

Snow Leopard shirt bWe are aware that many people have viewed the magazine during 2014, in fact over 17000 of you have done so. Thank you. As it is a new project it was good to see. We tried to cover interesting subjects, including competition results, reviews and reports and of course Tina Andreasson with her regular travel feature. We also had some one off articles from members and photospot submissions. We were learning and will probably continue to learn as we move through 2015.

So what is on offer for this new year?

Tina continues to enthral us with her highly amusing travel reports, visiting Mexico, Cuba and Vietnam, and I will still throw in a few articles and reports on shows and products, and the competitions will still be reviewed. The photospots will be there as well.

Those who have been looking at the website may have noticed our Travel Guide, adverts from our trusted safari and trek organisers and guides are to be included in the magazine along with the adverts for our sponsors and supporters.

That is not all, from the next issue we are starting a series of articles featuring the travels and work of Michael Shmelev with India, Patagonia, Bali, Thailand and Russia on the agenda, and Peter Hogel with reports from his new home in Uganda.

Will we have more to offer? We will if you keep reading it.


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