Just Getting to the Venue

The date was the 16th January 2015. The destination, The Hilton Metropole Hotel, Edgware Road, London. The purpose, the Societies 2015 Convention Show.

The day started well, the alarm clock failed, then the car did not want to start (well it was a chilly morning), so is was a rush to get to the railway station in time to catch the 8.20 into Kings Cross, but I made it. Being the rush hour it was standing room only all the way.

I love the span of the new bit to Kings Cross with the additional interest created by the changing colours in the roof space._LL_2344tm

At Kings Cross I transferred to the London Underground, my chosen route was the circle line to Bakers Street then the Bakerloo Line to the Edgware Road. My reason for this route was that the station was directly across from the Hotel.

Undaunted, I ventured into the underground for the first time in 35 years. It is not that I do not like the underground, it is just that I have gotten into the habit of walking down to the river to see what is on offer for the camera.

On a nice day there is plenty to see and photograph, the streets are not paved in gold, but when the sun shines they are bright and bustling. On a wet day I just do not go to London, it is as drab and uninviting as any other big city.


I should have realised that there would be a problem since that line is one of the deepest in London and even the journey down was a long one.

Once at Edgware Road you are confronted with a choice, take the 125 stairs or the lift. I decided that I needed the exercise and took the stairs, in future I will use the Circle Line.

Once at the main door of the Hilton London Metropole Hotel, you enter a world of opulence, but there is still more walking to do through the hotel corridors to the west wing.

The rest of this report will be in the next issue of World Image Magazine due to be published on the 25th of January.

The issue will also contain but not be limited to: Information on our International Exhibition and Society competitions, the odd product review, artivles on Golden Beach, Maharashtra Patagonia and Kyrgyzstan by Michael Shmelev of Russia, Mexico by artist and travel writer Tina Andreasson, Garden Wildlife by yours truly and Fort Portal, Uganda by Safari Guide Peter Hogel.


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