Writing for the Magazine

So, just for fun, you would like to write for the World Image Magazine? But, you have no idea where to begin. One of the hardest things for any writer to be faced with is a blank page, even when you know what it is you want to write about. So let me try and show you how I work on an article.

London0043TNFirst I select a picture or series of pictures, in this case London Bridge.

Having decided on the picture, I then look at it and wait. I am deciding how to describe the image, the most obvious is a good place to start, so let us begin.

The Westminster Bridge crosses the river Thames beside the houses of parliament.

This is a simple start but already there is information missing so I modify it.

In the heart of southern England lay the city of London through which runs the river Thames. One of the famous landmarks is Westminster Bridge, completed in 1750, it is an iron structure that spans the river beside the Houses of Parliament to the north and the London Eye and Aquarium to the south. It is painted green to reflect the green seats of the House of Commons.

So from a simple and incomplete beginning we have the start of an article towards the magazine. having described the bridge, we have already mentioned three other buildings of interest in the immediate area to which the story can progress, and that does not include the river itself.

Everyday writing is easy, you just have to start with the first words.


24 thoughts on “Writing for the Magazine

  1. I too would love to write for the magazine! I have a blank page at one extreme and a few thousand words at the other! It would be nice to do something reasonable in length!

      • Hi Gordon. I am an Indian. I currently live in Kenya. We have done stints in South Africa and Singapore! It’s so difficult to say what I would “like” to write about. Maybe the world and everything in and not in it! JPEG images are no problem at all …

        If you could spare a while, this blog of ours should pretty much reveal our current passion …

        Thank you for your response. Regards, Swati.

      • He He , Hi Swati, I must be returning to my youth, for one fleeting moment I had this image of you as an American Red Indian complete with head dress.
        I would be happy to receive any articles you wish to write. The only point is that they should be aimed at the photographer, which brings in most things.

      • I have not stepped foot on the American continent, Gordon, though I must admit to extensive extended family there! And the last time I wore any kind of a head gear, it was traditional South Indian – for my wedding … Loooonnnggg back! 😄

        I need to write. Now I have an audience, I just need to figure out what to write. And I think I like your advice on starting with a photograph. My only problem is having a photograph too many. A photograph? No. About three terabytes too many! But I shall endeavour and persevere.

        Thank you for the encouragement.

      • Most of the articles have only a half to one page of text and between 6 and 10 pictures. If you want to send bigger articles, that is not a problem as you will see from Tina’s. If they get to long then I split them over two issues or even three.
        Do not worry about the formatting, I have to change it for the magazine anyway.

      • To get the ball rolling, do I have your permission to copy down the articles already completed? I am working on future issues so it helps to feed them in early.

      • I have just been reading some of your work, most suitable.
        Oh and please excuse my sense of humour, I grew up playing cowboys and Indians, then went into history research so most of my focus was towards the relationship between UK and USA. I never was one for studying the ’empire’ , I have far to much respect for others.

      • No indeed. I love a sense of humour. I really believe that the world is where it is today because we have largely lost that vital virtue in out makeup. I have got reprimanded for calling myself a coolie in Durban, for referring to doe eyed beauties as chinky and many such issues. But hey! There is humour in truth and it’s time we recognise it. And laugh at ourselves too …

        Would you like one of the articles from the blog, a direct link to it, a freshly written one …?

      • Sure! Please take your pick of the blog … I am not sure how this really works inspite of officially being a blogger for two years now. It’s only 2014 that seemed to kick it off the basement.

        I am just reading issue 17. Now why did I let 16 months go by? Still, I will catch up on the reading soon …

        You can clearly see that discipline is not my strong point … 😄

      • Something else I just realised, both you and Siddharth are registered members of the society, and have been since you went to Kenya. Welcome back.

      • What i might suggest is that we include one from your blog in each issue and one new one. That allows readers to catch up with your writing (that is what we are doing with Tina, sort of).

      • That is ok, the ones you have done fit well with my plans for the future of the magazine. and the new ones you wish to write can also be included, no problems.

      • Great, I will start going through your previous blogs later and will let you know what we end up with. Have to go and sort out the daughters new carpet now. Such fun.

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