Photography is Dead

_LL_2344tmI saw this as a headline in the press. Not today or tomorrow, but in 100 years time. Photography is Dead, not because of advances in technology or the lack of interest in the art. People will still look back at the pictures we take today and say how wonderful they are.

But there will be a different thought in their minds as well. They will view the pictures and wonder what all these strange creatures may have been like, really like, and where are they now? They will see pictures of trees and plants and will be asking the same question, “Where are they now?”

How do I know this? Well I look back at the animals and plants that were here in the past that have already become extinct and wonder the same thing. Where are they? Why did they disappear? The answer is simple, humans killed them for food, but they mainly killed them for sport. We of course only know of the species that were documented before they were exterminated, I wonder how many others were also exterminated that went unrecorded.

In a few hundred years the wild life we know today will cease to exist. The extinction of the big game, all of it, is inevitable because of human greed. What will the hunters turn their guns on next?

Well the Germans, Austrians and some islanders in the Mediterranean have already shown the way. They either had no big game to shoot, or they have already destroyed everything in their countries larger than a mouse, so they shoot migrating songbirds.

Africa is losing the big game to hunting and poaching, when that game is gone, the impala and zebra will follow, then the meercats and so on, until only the songbirds are left. Then once every one is killing the birds, what next?

China killed over one million birds in one day because of the misguided belief that they were causing a shortage of rice, in fact most of the birds they were killing were not in the fields but in the towns and cities. The problem in China was not the birds, but the incessant breeding of people that it could not feed. If that sounds familiar, it should, look around at the towns and cities in your country.

We destroy the ecology to feed the masses. When that ecology is gone, the crops will fail, the remaining wildlife will have been blamed and destroyed, and the masses will die of starvation. But Hey, that is not our problem, we will be long dead, that will be for someone else to sort out, we did our bit. True, that will be for someone else to sort out, if they can, your children and grandchildren.

_LL_2355tnPhotography is dead, there is no wildlife to photograph, no landscape unspoiled by concrete and steel, no rivers not covered over with poison foam, probably no water. No water no marine life.

So who wants to photograph starving humanity in a concrete and steel tomb?


2 thoughts on “Photography is Dead

  1. It was suggested that this blog was not based on fact but emotion, my response it as long as the blog but it appears that my thoughts need to be explained further. As far as the future is concerned it is indeed emotional, but I am not the only one who can see it coming. As for the past and present, the incident in China and Malta are both documented events, hunters in Germany and Austria consider songbirds a delicacy. The polish have wiped out most of their larger wildlife and those who have come to England have been killing our waterbirds as they consider it acceptable. In north America they are killing wolves having not learned from the past extermination of the Buffalo. In Africa the Chinese ‘medicine’ market is destroying the tiger, rhino and elephant. This market is also wiping out the snow leopard. The ‘sport’ of hunting is killing it share of animals and the illegal trade in endangered species is also reducing the numbers in the name of greed. These are not my ramblings, these are all documented facts. Add to that the slaughter of Badgers and Foxes by government backed farmers, (maybe that should read farmer backed government), and the poisoning and illegal trapping and killing of raptors in the UK to ‘protect’ the game birds so the gun happy can have grouse and pheasant to shoot. Oh yes, almost forgot, the latest trend in southern Europe is the mass poisoning of the European Vultures. The oceans are being fished so heavily that fish stocks almost disappeared from Icelandic and UK waters, the seals are being clubbed to death in northern Europe so young people can call themselves MEN, Now I am certain that I have missed a few more of the documented items, but I hope that those reading this will understand why I wrote the original blog.

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