_LL_2454aTNOne of the hardest things to come to terms with in any project is the fact that not everyone who joins and supports you has the same enthusiasm for it. When I began the Society, like all the projects I have undertaken, I put everything into it. My reason was that the idea was a good one that had never been tried before, at least to my limited knowledge.

In the past, my projects have had a defined limit to their scope and my own determination has carried them to their successful conclusion. Those projects included the writing and publishing of books, photographic exhibitions, and music. None of these were designed to last forever or to make me rich, they were done so that I can die knowing that I achieved something worth while.

The Society and the World Image Magazine are both very different. These two projects have no defined limit, they are not restricted in their scope or location, or potential. The only thing that is different is that my own determination may not be enough to carry them through alone, and there will come a day when I am not here to keep it working.


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