Photography for the love of it.

Things have been slow for the last week, Yesterday I visited a member of our society (Peoples Photographic Society), and was introduced to a cat. Nothing special about that until you see the cat.

GLL_2666 GLL_2684aThe cat is a Bengal Cat with the most beautiful markings.

She must have had an influence on my prospects, today I sat down at the computer at 10am and it is now 12 hours later and I am still here.

So what have I been doing today, well I began by completing a contract agreement before getting stuck into sorting out pictures for our June exhibition.

Three hours later I got stuck into a second set of pictures that had arrived while sorting the first lot.

Four hours after that my second cup of tea for the day had gone cold, so refilled and refreshed I started finalising the next issue of the magazine. It takes a while to compile and format a magazine, then index it. Ten minutes after completing the task another submission arrived for inclusion. Oh Joy.

Then out went 30 emails and messages, half of which were responded to almost immediately, so the computer became Kings Cross station for half an hour with communications flying every which way.

Have I completed the tasks I set myself for the day? No, there are still three remaining untouched and two new ones have been added. But hey, I WILL be CLEAR by Monday, I am just not sure which one.

Have a good day folks.


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