World Image Magazine and Society Update.

_LL_0032bTNI know people like pictures, so here is one for you.

I thought that since the Peoples Photographic Society and the World Image Magazine are moving into a new phase of development, that you may like to be updated on events.

Starting with the Magazine, in February the Society website, and by inference the magazine, received 1337 visits viewing 2402 pages. Even being pessimistic that would mean that 1337 people viewed the magazine through the website. Others receive PDF copies via direct download so the number is likely higher, and the month is not over yet. If you have not yet seen the magazine, the current issue is on the website at the new (and much grander) issue will be online in two days.

If you visit the website you may also notice a page detailing the International Photographic Exhibition that the Society and Magazine are hosting in June of this year. The quality of the event is going to be very high, much higher than the venue may suggest, The venue is adequate, the presentation exceptional and the exhibition will be stunning. I know you do not believe me, so why not come and see for your self.

In addition to the aforementioned, we are creating a Souvenir Exhibition Guide. This will allow the world, we are a global society, to order and obtain a copy so that they too can view the exhibition and even order copies of the pictures should they wish to do so.

tn500_pc1504RWAnother picture for those who like pictures and have read this far.

You can pre-order copies of this stunning and eminently collectible Souvenir Guide, just email me at the address on the website home page. The price will be announced shortly, postage will be at cost from the UK.

Advertising space is available in the magazine, but this is being kept to a minimum while the photography is at a maximum. If you want to place an advert, use the same email address and Advert as a title.

Take Care Folks



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