Exhibition Update

Apart from the financial aspects, Phase one is now complete, well almost. The pictures for the printed exhibition are now in. All that remains is to get them printed and mounted for display.

Phase two is under way. during the exhibition there will be an ongoing video presentation showing members images in the form of showcases. Some have already been generated, and the concept works well. So if members wish to showcase their photography they may do so.

The slide shows last about three and a half minutes and contain 15 to 20 pictures. These should be supplied as 300-500kb Jpegs and may be of any subject considered suitable for public viewing. Unsuitable images will be deleted from the sets. Once the shows are created the individual pictures are not copyable and the original files will be deleted. The presentations will be repeated a number of times during the event as we will have two screens running.

Members can represent themselves, their businesses, their photographic clubs or their country. Due to the amount of work involved in creating an 8 hour video show, there will be a charge for each submission of £3.00 (GBP) Paypal is accepted.



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