All Stop

GLL_Stacey_0009a In case anyone feels that I have been neglecting my duties, no such luck. It is probably the one thing that I could never be accused of in 50 years of working.

Having never before worked in a studio setting, a few days ago I was able to indulge my first full session with a model, the beautiful Stacey.

In three hours of chatting, and pressing the shutter we ended up with 255 pictures. I used the Magneflash units with some cheap remote flash triggers from China, for the first group. I still need to have more practice with the lights, but the results I am getting i like, so it makes a good platform to advance from.

The second part of the session I reverted to the photo-floods and GLL_Stacey_0041aStacey raided the dressup box. Here i was using a cheap set of floods from Ebay, and a series of vinyl backdrops from China (ebay again).

I was well pleased with the overall results, and I am looking forward to learning how to do this properly. My greatest challenge has been to over come my natural and deep set introversion and open up enough to make the model relaxed.


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