Advertising or Wilderness?

Ok, so you have a great little business, those in your town all know you exist and come to shop at your store. You are at the top of the local tree in your chosen profession and all is right with the world … today at least.

So imagine you are a photographer, top of the local tree, selling portraits and wedding albums and whatever else happens to be required … satisfied?

The wedding pictures are all based on the same format, bride, groom, bride and groom, brides parents etc., once you get past the ritual you get the chance to try a different pose or setting, but how many of those are there before you start settling on the comfortable ?

Someone offers an opportunity for you low cost advertising for your business, or even for free, to reach a wider audience, to become known as a photographer world wide. What do you do? In your small town, you ignore the offer, why? Afraid?

Would you be so reluctant if, as a result of that advert, you were asked to do a wedding in a nearby town? or a photo shoot in another country all expenses paid?

You have a choice, stay in the wilderness and rely on local people using you over other competition, or use the advertising on offer and take whatever the world has to offer.


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