Building on Water

tn500_PC0134Starting any project is a challenge, especially when the foundation was never designed to support the intended structure. Ok, so I hear you saying ‘build the solid foundation’, to which my answer is quite simple, ‘How do you build a foundation for a structure made of shifting water?’

if you have been following the development of the Peoples Photographic Society and the World Image Magazine, (and we know that 8000 of you have been), you may have noticed some changes along the way. Our structure is firmer than it has been, but is still fluid. We are still developing and growing.

There are two major transitions taking place this year, the first you may have heard about is our International Exhibition to be held in Welwyn on the 20th and 21st June 2015. What you may not have heard is that that same exhibition will also be displayed in Kampala, Uganda and possibly Istanbul, Turkey as well during October and November.

Another development is currently being worked on. This I am not going to explain just yet, but that is another fluid project that is being built on a fluid foundation. Will we succeed ? Yes of course we will. Of course to see if I am right you will have to keep following us and the magazine, it is a good light hearted read anyway so why not?

Go to the website at and explore. you may find that you have been missing out.


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