What are we about?

giraffe1Due to the costs, photography as an art form has been removed from the realms of the ordinary person. In addition to this the cost of ‘belonging’ to a photographic club or society is added to the mix and excludes millions of wannabe photographers in the UK and abroad.

The World Image Magazine is the open window to the Peoples Photographic Society, it aim is to bring photography and tuition to those who are excluded by the system that controls and promotes the elitist aspect of the art form.
Since September 2014 we have gained over 1000 members and over 8000 followers in 82 countries, this tells us that there is a need for a free society.
We have brought together trusted independent safari and trekking businesses, to provide safe and personal holiday experiences but these are being suffocated by the costs of belonging organisations like ABTA. Ordinary people providing good service do not have £30,000 to use as a bond. But we believe in them enough to promote them at every opportunity.
The second ‘arm’ of the Magazine is to support as best we can, certain conservation and wildlife projects. These include The Cat Survival Trust, SAHF, Namibian wild Horses and others.
Although we are reliant on external support, we are staging an international Exhibition of Photography in June 2015, this will display images by members from many of the countries in which we have members, but due to cost and space restrictions a third of the countries will not be represented. A larger part of this failure is due to members not having the equipment to produce what they are really capable of.
No society is of use without achievement, but we are achieving, Turkish Air have offered to transport the exhibition to Uganda where it will be displayed for everyone to view from the poorest to the President and business and government leaders (we know these will be attending). Such is the interest that it has been suggested that we may also stage the exhibition in Turkey.
We are also looking to find ways of taking this to other venues to promote the society and its aims, already we have received requests to take the exhibition to seven other countries, the only thing stopping us is the staggering cost of shipping and display venues.
For the Society to work it needs members, promotion, more members, and funding to take the exhibition to other places and to create new pictures for the display.

Want to know more? Want to read the magazine and maybe support the society?


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