Nepal Disaster

We (The Peoples Photographic Society) have finally made contact with our regional manager, Rabi Chandra, in Nepal. He and his family are thankfully among the lucky ones in that they are alive. Their home, like most of those in the area, are demolished.

As a person who considers honesty and integrity to be the best virtues, it is disappointing to discover that so soon after the event and while the dead are still being recovered from the buildings, the evil spectre of corruption has once again raised its ugly head.

Governments send taxpayers money to Nepal and much of it lines the pockets of corrupt officials, that is not good and never acceptable.

We are currently looking at ways and the possibility of helping, not the whole of Nepal, but just one area, to rebuild their community in the wake of this event. I am uncertain how this will progress, but we can try…… maybe.


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