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The World Image Magazine is a publication produced under the umbrella of the Peoples Photographic Society. Although part of it, the magazine is a stand alone in the sense that you do not need to be a member of the Society to read the magazine. it can be accessed online via your computer, tablet or pad, at or , This last address will also route you to the main site.

For the same reasons that the magazine is free, writing and other submissions for the magazine are also free, we do not pay for them, neither do we commission articles for the magazine. The articles you read are written by ordinary people who have a passion for their environment and photography. They bring together their other interests with their photography to produce articles for the interest of others.

So how do you write an article for the magazine? If you are like me, then you dislike writing long and involved stories, in my school days what you have read so far was an essay. But the fact is that if you can write even this amount, you can write an article, all you need is to add the supporting pictures. We will do the formatting.

So the questions become more specific, and the method is surprisingly easy.

What do I write about?

The subject matter for the magazine is really down to you, so long as it is based around photography then there are very few restrictions. Bare in mind that we are not interested in politics, race or religion, and that the magazine is read by children as well as adults and you will know the limitations. The editor reserves the right to refuse submissions that cross the line.

The subjects themselves can cover the place or area where you live. It may be familiar to you, but remember that most of the readers will never have been there, and even if they have, they would not know it like you do. Another idea is your favourite places, these can be other towns and villages, wildlife parks and zoos, walks etc.

Articles on specific subjects like wildlife and animals, weddings and social events, and events like car and traction rallies, fun days, sporting events.

You can even write about photography, techniques, equipment, set-ups, models, the list is endless.

So how should you start ? Can’t think of a subject ? Try this, first chose a picture, then write about it for a longer article chose a series of related pictures, put them in order then write about them. Foe example:

Here is an image that was compiled in order to present a specific idea. The image is called ‘Disappearing World – Zebra’ and is one of a series.

‘Disappearing World – Zebra’

tn500_PC0086The wildlife around us is disappearing before our eyes but we do not always see it. Here the zebra is slowly vanishing from our view, we still know what it is and that it is there, the next stage is to remove the remaining black parts and the image is still identifiable, but what happens when the white stripes are then removed? Suddenly the wildlife is gone … FOREVER.

71 words = an article that we can use in the magazine.

Ok, so you do not write in English, so what? Write in your own language and we will translate it. We may even publish in dual language.


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