World Image Magazine and Peoples Photographic Society Support Nepal

Hello Dear friends, I am Rabi, the People’s Photographic Society Regional Manager in Nepal, Kathmandu.

Most of you know the 7.8 rector scale earthquake destroyed many heritage and natural sights and villages in this area.



Personally myself and my friends survived relatively well, The same could not be said for the village of Tawal Dhading. There were 260 Households before the earthquake, it is now 99% destroyed.


We are supporting Tawal Dhading village directly because, as those of you who have enjoyed travels with Himalayan Caravan Adventure will be aware, most of our guides and staff come from the village.


Thank You

Pokharel Rabi (MD Himalaya Caravan Adventure Pvt Ltd)

Nepal Regional Manager

People’s Photographic Society

If you wish to help in this please contact the Society Chairman Gordon Longmead in the first instance at

The full story and more pictures will appear in the next, June, issue of the World Image Magazine


One thought on “World Image Magazine and Peoples Photographic Society Support Nepal

  1. You may believe that all the money you are paying is helping the people of Nepal, The government have ordered that all aid money sent to Nepal is transferred to the presidents Disaster fund, but are you aware that some countries are interested in re-constructing their destroyed heritage sights themselves, so their government decided that should take priority.

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