So you do not like mathematics?

How many times do you hear children (and adults) complain that their most hated subject is mathematics? As a parent probably 90% of you hear it, especially when the test results come out.

But here is a thought for you to consider.

Mathematics has nothing to do with learning numbers!

If mathematics was about numbers then why do we see such things as E=MC2 (squared) or A=B+C ?

The point is that math is a tool that teaches people to use MEMORY. The first thing we are taught in school is addition, subtraction, division and multiplication tables, those of a certain generation learned the tables by rote and committed them to memory. From that moment onwards, a person can deal with any number in any combination.

We can deal with numbers, not because we understand them, but because our memory has learned them. The same applies to many other facts and subjects. Most of the subjects we learn at school or college are of little or no use when we leave the classroom.

We gain a smattering of information, but the only thing we learn at school, is how to teach our memory, thereafter, it is for the individual to decide what to learn to accomplish their chosen line of employment.

You doubt what I have said, that is your choice, but ask yourself one question and answer honestly – How often have you heard or applied the statement – we learn on the job?

humanity can do all sorts of things, build rockets and guns, submarines and cars, but just how many schools do you know that teach those as subjects?


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