World Image Magazine Development

wm logo38We are going to trial the idea of dedicated input to the magazine by country. If you are interested in being the Sub-Editor or in writing for your country, (it does not matter if there is more than one writer for a country or if you wish to write about another country), it will mean that you will need to write 12 articles, any length (to guarantee the first 12 redesigned issues).

They can be on any subject, i.e. treks, guide front pageTNevents or photography, favourite places, wildlife etc.,and can be written in your own language or English. Articles should be emailed to me with pictures being sent as jpg attachments. If in doubt or you have questions, please ask.

We are also inviting ‘Letters to the Editor’ about events, safaris, photography and equipment, places of interest, etc.

We still have copies of the guide available if you have not got yours yet.

Please note that back issues of the magazine can now be found on the website at


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