The Festive Season

2008 12 21 006Another year is coming towards its close and peace and tranquillity covers the land. People have learned to live together in perfect harmony and accept the differences between belief and cultures as a part of the varied tapestry of our world. Honesty and kindness to all, including animals, and inhumanity are things of the past.

Ok, so that is for another planet and another lifetime. The reality is far removed from that ideal. There are a few things that have become a constant, at least in the lives of those reading this. We are still here, that is a blessing.

There are also two other things that have become a constant, at least this far, that is the Peoples Photographic Society and the world Image Magazine. Yes, both are still here even if you have not been reading the magazine, over 500,000 people have seen it in the last two years.

The magazine has improved and we are still moving forward. We do need to tell people about it by word of mouth, sharing the link to online and other friends. Being non profit, It will not build on its own, it needs help.

In September 2016 we need to renew the website and domain names, for that we need sponsorship or donations. It is not a lot of money, but enough. Still we have some months to resolve that problem.

The January Issue of the magazine will be online on the 24th December so that you can have something to read instead of watching the constant repeats on the telly.


Have a good time, and we wish you all the best for the season and the years beyond.

Merry Christmas from all.



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