World Image Magazine in 2016

Meercat 3148tnWell we arrive in our third full year with both the Society and Magazine in good health.

The Peoples Photographic Society membership is growing slowly after the initial influx of members. Some have dropped away others have joined the ranks. Such is the way with Societies.

The Magazine has been upgraded during 2015 and the new method of presentation is working well with a new design and a new style of content developing.

While Tina’s travel reports have come to an end, we have new interest in the form of Photographic Studies with articles from Africa and other countries.

Our support for the Cat Survival Trust and the Rhino Trust in Uganda, and my own visit to Uganda has generated a number of new articles that will be running in the magazine for some months to come.

In September of 2016 the website and domains are due for renewal so we are now in the process of seeking sponsor to cover that cost (about £350). This will allow the continuance for another three years.


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