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February, cold wet and…

February, cold wet and…well, frozen._LL_2689

It often seems that the world is like this, but things happen at different times in different places, winter in the north is summer in the south and in the middle it is wet or dry.

The magazine is much the same, one month 1400 readers then another 3100. It appears that many are discovering the new issues and then start catching up with the back issues to see what they missed.

The January issue has just passed 3100 readers, the current (February) issue is at 750 and climbing, it will be transferred to back issues on the 1st March when the next issue will be available.

(This change in date is for two reasons, it assists with the monthly counts, and fits better with the Fuji sponsored competition).

There are a number of ways to access the magazine (you may need to search for – world image magazine ) : – Access to back issues – Access from mobile devices and notifications – Access from mobile devices and free subscription service so you need never miss an issue.


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