Ups and Downs, Par for the course.

Well the World Image Magazine almost disappeared, then it decided it was here to stay, then it nearly disappeared again, now it is going to stay but in a slightly different form.

It is still the same magazine, written by people, mainly photographers, for people, anyone who wants to have some light reading on … well just about anything someone want to write about.

The difference is that we are no longer going to publish every month, but for a while it will be published on an irregular basis while we get more people interested in contributing towards it. We have enjoyed a regular readership of over 2000 for the last year, peaking at 4500 for the January issue.

People believe it is hard to write for the magazine, or they want paying for their effort, the first is untrue and the second point might be valid if you were paying for the publication. Everyone wants something for nothing, but most are not prepared to do anything for it unless there is something in it for them. If I adopted that approach the magazine would not exist, neither would the Society behind it.

You can read the magazines by going to the links there will take you to the current and back issues. I would start reading at issue 10 as the earlier ones are a bit basic.


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