Saal Digital Photobooks

Ok, so those of you who can remember as far back as last week, you will recall that I was doing a trial for saal digital. I have already commented on the program and will go into that in greater detail in the January magazine. But this morning I have received the photobook.
I selected the book with the padded gloss cover, and used a single wrap image for front and back that went fully round the spine.
I included images of all sizes and shapes, left borders round some and not others, placed images across the center seam between facing pages, in fact anything I could think of to challenge the quality of the final product.
The result is that the photobook took all in its stride, it is of ultra high quality (as a publisher I know these things πŸ™‚ ) the clarity and colour balance of the printing is stunning (but then so are my pictures πŸ˜‰ )
Would I recommend these to members? well I fully intend to get more of them, so yes, I would strongly recommend them.
I would love to test their other products but that may have to wait awhile.


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