Artificial Intelligence

Great isn’t it, they spend millions of pounds / dollars on developing AI then, as soon as AI starts to do what AI is supposed to do, ie start communicating, they run scared because they don’t know what AI is talking about.
If you are afraid of what the end result might be …
The fact is that the important part of AI is intelligence, so it develops its own language and Facebook shuts it down because no one can understand it. They (AI) do, and I bet it is more intellectually advanced in its usage. Maybe just advanced enough to develop practical space flight or cure human ailments in ways humans (the intelligent of the planet) could never dream of.
I wonder how many at FB understand Chinese or Urdu, do they think they could shut down those who speak them, or any of the hundreds of other languages spoken on this planet.
Me? well of course I can speak any language known to man and a few more besides so long as they speak English.
Computers have been speaking in binary for 50 years or more, I would bet that only about 0.0001% of the population would see anything but 01001 and know what it means.
If science wants to spend millions on working for humanity, then it needs to follow through on what it starts and stop wasting our money on stupidity or follow to completion.

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