Weather Tight … ish

As you can see I have been continuing the build on the cabin.


The walls are now clad with hollow core plastic, the leading roof has been panelled and the door and windows are in.


The pond liner covering on the roof has now been topped with a heavy gauge cap sheet, it is supposed to be green but as is normal from a certain DIY superstore it has no less than seven shades of green and grey, still so long as it does what it should why should I worry, after all I can not see it.

The eaves are now closed all round except for where the power needs to be installed, and the rear eaves have been insulated. The inside timbers have all been treated against bug attack. Personally I will never suffer from woodworm or dry rot, I use a garden spray to apply the treatment so it showers everything.

Internally the walls have been insulated and plaster boarded and just need finishing, which just leaves the roof to be insulated and panelled. I intend to insulate the pitch and leave the joists exposed but I need to work out the best method for that because of the restricted space.

Just to ensure the cabin stays as a man cave I have dealt with the door window as one who knows me might expect …


It is not intended to be a work of art or even ‘correct’ but it was fun to play with.



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