Closed up and ready to start inside

Well the cabin is finally closed in and cleaned up. I have decided to put in a flat ceiling above the joists to allow the roof void to be insulated easier (and cheaper), but still leaving the joists visible. That is the final major part of the structure build, after which the wiring for lighting and power will be installed.

I am currently looking at the option of a wind / solar power generator to provide power for the heating in the cabin. The latter being provided by greenhouse tube heaters. As I have no experience of these I will need to do some studying.

Realising that the human body has certain needs that would interrupt the flow of progress in the man cave, and discovering the required soil and water pipes just behind the cabin, I have decided to install a toilet with the obvious spin off that the kettle is also provisioned. This reduces the social area but the advantages are obvious. I also have enough room for the beer fridge in the same area.

Over the last 30 years my wife has been building a Christmas Village but getting it set up for a few weeks in December only to pack it away again I feel is a waste of time and certainly waste of the money spent on the buildings, so I have decided to use one wall to create a permanent home for the village complete with station and visiting trains. The scale will be wrong but at least she gets to see them all year. I hope that with a bit of creative landscaping I can create a winter scene separated from the main layout with a scenic break.


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