Why Oh Why?

I sometimes wonder why I chose to do things a certain way. I suppose it seems like a good idea at the time but in practice it always poses harder questions than the easy route. for example, the ceiling. Simple solution would be to clad under the joists then climb in and insulate the loft space. But not me.

First I design the roof to be low profile so no room to crawl in. Then I decide to put the ceiling on top of the joists so as to leave them exposed. This created two known difficulties and one I did not anticipate.

Difficulty number one was getting 5m panels into the loft through the 400cm space between the joists. Pinning them down was easy as was getting the insulation into the area. Having the panels on top created a smooth surface so the insulationĀ  slid most of the way along the 5m length.

Difficulty number two was getting the last panel and associated insulation into place. Next time the ceiling and insulation will go in before I close up the front slope of the roof to allow easy access to the last panel… What am I saying? Next time? What next time?

The problem I failed to anticipate was the heat. I started the ceiling in the cool of the morning, 8am to be exact, but as is the case with British weather, the sun decided to shine. The outside temperature rose to a comfortable 20 degrees but I found breathing in the roof space more and more difficult as the day progressed.

As the ceiling closed so the heat increased, I tried the thermometer at 3pm and the reading was 32 degrees and rising, with that heat and the rockwool dust no wonder I could not breathe.


I know there are a few faults, but it is only a shed after all. The last job on the top half of the build is to insulate and close the sides. this is a simple if time consuming job.


The loo cubicle is up and waiting the arrival of the fittings, the tea station is ready once the plumbing and electric is done, beer fridge to follow.

Some of the railway dioramas have started to be moved into the cabin but it is doubtful that they will go in as they were originally designed to do. Apart from having a bit more space I am also planning to revert to my original design plan albeit slightly modified.


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